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What’s the benefit of a Bridgeport CT Limo? Bridgeport is one of the most important cities in Connecticut. Many people fly out of Bridgeport everyday, and use the tri state area airports. When planning a trip out of Bridgeport always take in mind your transportation method to the airport. The trip to JFK for example is exactly 60 miles. If you decide to take a taxi it will cost you a pretty penny. Instead you should take a Bridgeport CT Limo service to the airport.

At Shady’s Bridgeport Limowe will make sure that your trip to the airport will be worth every penny. We usually give the best quotes in the business. We are here to make your trip a more pleasant experience. Taking a Bridgeport CT Limo service might be convenient for your whether you are traveling alone or with a big party.

bridgeport-airport-limo-service-pictureAt Shady’s Bridgeport Limousine we have an extensive fleet of vehicles that are new and upgraded. If you are traveling alone you might want to use a town car, but if you are traveling with the entire family one of our Bridgeport CT Limo passenger vans will be good to fit your party. Your trip to the airport should be one of comfort to mark the beginning of an awesome and unforgettable journey.

Whether you’re traveling to a nearby airport, or you’re just sticking around town, limousines in Bridgeportcan be taken to many nearby locations, including local restaurants, resorts, and other venues that are great for spending the day, evening, or celebrating a special event.

Captains Cove in Bridgeport photo

Bridgeport has attracted many artists, young business professionals, academics and sailors. Those who desire a comfort waterfront living with exclusivity or a bustling city life filled with great restaurants and events can get that in Bridgeport. Black Rockis one of the popular waterfronts in Bridgeport with both Captain’s Cove Seaport and the Black Rock Yacht Club  open to sailors who need to dock their boats and grab a bite to eat. The Black Rock harbor is a site to see both for the sunrise and the sunset. Joggers, fishers and mom and dad’s with kids or dog walk or run across the boardwalk and mansions border the other side. A beautiful piece of Bridgeport that cannot go unseen, our car and limo services bring both travelers and residents to this area.

Downtown Bridgeport is where artists and the working hustlers live or commute. Our car and limo services even take families and students to The Barnum Museum  or take residents in luxury limousines or town cars to the infamous Ralph ‘n’ Rich’s Italian Restaurant . If you’re looking for more places in Bridgeport to eat, there’s always  Taberna Food and Wine Bar featuring Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. Great for date night, a business dinner, or to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. El Flamboyan Restaurant is also popular with locals, with a Puerto Rican-style cuisine featuring popular selections like fresh seafood and roasted pork shoulder. Accommodations are ideal for quick business meetings or fast lunches, offering a “Speedy Lunch” to help you get in and out as fast as possible.

University of Bridgeport photo Two of the most well-known schools in the Bridgeport are are University of Bridgeport and Sacred Heart University . Sacred Heart is in Bridgeport but the town decided to declare it to Fairfield, but it is right on the Bridgeport line.  Our car and limo services understand that students are not making the big bucks right now and usually do not have a car, so we offer discounts to our Bridgeport students so they can enjoy their travel experience.

If you or a loved one are thinking about traveling to any one of these amazing Bridgeport spots, Bridgeport limo servicesare very familiar with their locations and accommodating passengers to and from these locations.

Our goal is for you the client to be happy and satisfied with doing business with us in order for our business relationship to be a durable one. So don’t forget that next time you have a trip planned and you need airport transportation to call us for a quote. We will offer you our services gladly.

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